Your Belgian pension abroad


If you live abroad, are approaching the legal retirement age and believe you are entitled to a Belgian pension you are undoubtedly wondering where you should submit your pension application.

1. Applying for your Belgian pension from abroad

The conditions vary depending on your country of residence.

1.1. Main place of residence in an EEA (European Economic Area) country or Switzerland

If you live in an EEA (European Economic Area) country or Switzerland, you should submit your application to the local social security authority. The EU's our Europe website provides a wealth of information about this.

1.2. No agreement on social security between Belgium and your country of residence

If you live in a country that has not concluded a social security agreement with Belgium, you should sign your application personally and send it by registered mail to one of the following qualified organizations in Belgium:

For employees and civil servants:

On April 1st 2016, the National Pensions Office (NPO) and the Public Sector Pensions Service (PSPS) merged into the Federal Pensions Service (FPS). This institution has multiple missions in the pension field. Notably granting and paying pensions to retired employees, civil servants and self-employed.

Federal Pensions Service
Bureau des Conventions internationales
Tour du Midi
1060 Brussels
Phone: In Belgium: 1765 (Freephone/toll-free) - From abroad: +32 78 15 17 65 (paying)

For the self-employed:

The National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed (INASTI/RSVZ) examines the pension entitlements of the self-employed. Pensions are then paid out by the Federal Pensions Service.

Institut national d'assurances sociales pour travailleurs indépendants
Place Jean Jacobs
1000 Brussels

Phone: 1765 (Freephone/toll-free) - From abroad: + 32 78 15 1765 (paying

For a mixed career (employee, self-employed, civil servant) and for war pensions (war veterans and war invalids):

You should submit your application to either of the two organizations mentioned above (an application submitted to one organization is also automatically valid for the other).

1.3. Social security agreement between Belgium and your country of residence

If Belgium has concluded a social security agreement (covering pensions) with the country in which you, the pension applicant, are a resident, you should submit your application to the local social security organization in your country of residence.

1.4. Federal agency for occupational risks (Fedris)

This is a special category of pension incumbents subject to particular rules. You can find Information on the agency’s site

1.5. Overseas Social Security

The missions in matters of overseas social security have been taken over by the National Social Security Office  

ONSS/Overseas Social Security
Place Victor Horta 11
1060 Brussels 
Phone: +32 2 509 90 99

2. Payment of your Belgian pension abroad

Since the merger between the NPO and the PSPS pensions for employees, civil servants and self-employed are paid abroad out by the Federal Pensions Service. 
Telephone: 1765 (Freephone/toll-free in Belgium) or +32 78 15 17 65 (paying, when from abroad)

All types of Belgian pensions can be paid out anywhere in the world to Belgians, EU nationals and nationals of countries that have concluded a social security agreement with Belgium. Miners' pensions can be paid out anywhere in the world (dependent on certain restrictions).

Some important remarks:

  • Whatever your chosen method of payment, you will receive a “Certificate of life” form which you must have filled out by your local authority, and which you have to return to us as soon as possible. This will avoid any interruption of the payment.
  • In case of death, the survivor’s pension is not granted automatically to the surviving spouse. He or she will have to submit an application

3. Problems and complaints

Payment problems

In the event of problems with payment (for example, late payment or loss or theft of checks), you, as the recipient of the pension, may contact the Federal Pensions Service.


AIf you want to submit a complaint we recommend that you first contact your dossier manager in the qualified institution. If, after consulting with the dossier manager, you still think there has been an error, you can submit a complaint to that institution.

If you are still not satisfied after these steps, you may submit your complaints about the functioning and the customer service of the pensions services, the establishment of the pension entitlements or the amount and the payment of your Belgian pension to the Pensions Ombudsman:

Service de Médiation Pensions
WTC III Bd. Simon Bolivar 30 box 5
B-1000 Brussels 
Tel.: +32 2 274 19 90 (9 am - 5 pm Belgian time)
Fax: +32 2 274 19 99