Documents to submit with your registration


  • The form Registration at an Embassy (in  French (PDF, 134.38 KB) or in  Dutch (PDF, 131.54 KB), duly filled in, dated and signed. You fill in one form per family member, for minors please use this form (in  French (PDF, 161.2 KB) or in  Dutch (PDF, 186.71 KB)). Both parents sign the form for the minor.
  • Proof of your address: certificate of the local administration, invoice electricity/water or rental agreement,….
  • A copy of your long-term visa, your local residence permit or local identity card.
  • A copy of your Belgian identity card and/or a copy of your Belgian passport.
  • The application form for the elections for the Belgians abroad and the proxy form, if applicable. See in the section elections (Dutch/French) for more information.
  • For registration of non-Belgian family members living at your address (in French or in Dutch).

Since the nature of the documents required may differ according to the local situation, we would recommend that you contact your consulate beforehand. The consulate may at any time request additional documents if these are necessary to accept your registration.

Once registered, you are requested to inform the Belgian consulate at all times of:

  • Each change of address within one month by means of this form (in  French (DOCX, 29.9 KB) or in  Dutch (DOCX, 27.39 KB)) and justified by the necessary proof (certificate of the local administration, invoice electricity/water or rental agreement).
  • Any change in your own civil status or that of members of your family, by submitting an original excerpt from the relevant document, e.g. marriage certificate, divorce certificate, birth certificate, adoption certificate or name change deed).
  • Any change in the composition of your household.
  • Any change of nationality by means of an authentic document/certificate issued by the national competent authorities.
  • Your wish to alter your voting method if you have been registered as a voter.

The consulate will incorporate any changes into your administrative file and modify your records in the National Register (Dutch/French).