Public consultation


The European Commission has decided to launch a public consultation on the perspective of digitalisation of the visa procedure (E-visa) and on the creation of an EU online visa application portal, aimed at a target audience: the travel industry, European agencies directly or indirectly linked to the EU visa policy, visa applicants and the general public. 

The objective of this consultation is to provide the European Commission with the opinions of the above-mentioned stakeholders to feed an internal discussion that could lead to the presentation of a draft European regulation, aiming at offering the possibility in the future to applicants to apply for a visa online and to replace the current visa (in the form of a paper sticker) by a digital visa (E-visa).

To this end, it has asked the EU Member States to give the widest possible publicity to this consultation. You are therefore invited to respond to this questionnaire until 3 June 2021. You will find all the practical instructions in the introduction to the questionnaire.