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  • 30 Mar
    Press release

    On March 30, 2021, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmès co-chaired with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken a virtual ministerial meeting of the International Coalition to defeat Daesh. This meeting in restricted format brings together the 32 States and international organizations most involved in its action.

  • 07 Feb
    Press release

    The UN Security Council labelled Daesh as a threat against international peace and security (resolution 2249/2015). The military actions against Daesh follow a request of the Iraqi government for assistance in the exercise by Iraq of its right to self-defense against this terrorist organization. To fight Daesh efficiently, operations also above Syrian territory are necessary. This legal analysis is shared by all participants in the International Coalition against Daesh. For this reason, the extension of the Belgian operation to the part of the Syrian territory that is controlled by Daesh was approved by the Belgian Parliament. Moreover Belgium uses the strictest possible safety precautions to avoid civilian casualties during its operations.