Mission and goals

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Our goals: Strategic Plan 2021-2024

The 2021-2024 Strategic Plan regarding the operation of FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation was signed on 14 September by Minister Hadja Lahbib, -on behalf of the government-, and Ms Theodora Gentzis, Chairperson a.i. of the Management Committee, -on behalf of FPS Foreign Affairs. This plan, which covers the entire legislature, replaces the former Management Agreement.

The plan explains the FPS's long-term strategy and the objectives it sets to achieve it. The starting point is, on the one hand, the missions and tasks legally entrusted to the FPS and, on the other, the political policy priorities as determined by the government and the Ministers in charge.

The priorities are the international defence of the interests of our country and its citizens, as also reflected in the National Security Strategy, and an active contribution to a just, safe and sustainable world. The FPS strives for expert policy support and high-quality services, with an efficient, effective and sustainable organisation geared to that end, guaranteeing a pleasant, safe and motivating working environment.

In addition to the objectives to be achieved, the plan also deals with the vision and values we apply to this, and analyses the broader national and international context in which we fulfil our mission. It also looks at our target audience and partners, and what resources are available to fulfil the ambitions.

In addition to its own objectives, the FPS Foreign Affairs will also endeavour - within the scope of its competences and taking into account the budgetary framework - to cooperate transversally in drawing up and implementing federal action plans.

Following the Strategic Plan, an Operational Plan will be drawn up each year, which will have to give it concrete implementation. The first such plan will come into force on 1 January 2023.

You can consult the plan below in Dutch and French.