For Belgian nationals living abroad


Adults:  Dutch (PDF, 131.54 KB) -  French (PDF, 134.38 KB)
Minors:  Dutch (PDF, 186.71 KB) -  French (PDF, 161.2 KB)
Change of address:  Dutch (DOCX, 27.39 KB) -  French (DOCX, 29.9 KB)
Model 8 form:  Dutch (PDF, 5.56 KB) -  French (PDF, 6.34 KB)

ID card application

From 21 June 2021, to obtain an electronic identity card (e-ID), you will have to come in person, by appointment, to your consulate's office. Find out more...


From 21 June 2021, for a Kids-ID (if your child is 6 years old or older), you and your child will have to come in person and by appointment to your consulate. Find out more...

Passport - Adult and children older than 6

 Dutch (PDF, 133.6 KB) 
 French (PDF, 149.49 KB) 
 German (PDF, 131.1 KB) 

Passport - Children younger than 6

 Dutch (PDF, 129.65 KB) 
 French (PDF, 151.72 KB) 
 German (PDF, 145.21 KB) 

Passport - Request for compensation