For Belgian nationals living abroad


Adults:  Dutch (PDF, 161.7 KB) -  French (PDF, 165.84 KB)
Minors:  Dutch (PDF, 189.61 KB) -  French (PDF, 165.78 KB)
Change of address:  Dutch (DOCX, 27.39 KB) -  French (DOCX, 29.9 KB)
Model 8 form:  Dutch (PDF, 5.56 KB) -  French (PDF, 6.34 KB)

ID card application

 Dutch (PDF, 1.05 MB)
 French (PDF, 382.04 KB)
 German (PDF, 558.75 KB)


 Dutch (PDF, 1.09 MB) 
 French (PDF, 354.31 KB) 
 German (PDF, 659.27 KB) 

Passport - Adult and children older than 6

 Dutch (PDF, 133.6 KB) 
 French (PDF, 149.49 KB) 
 German (PDF, 131.1 KB) 

Passport - Children younger than 6

 Dutch (PDF, 129.65 KB) 
 French (PDF, 151.72 KB) 
 German (PDF, 145.21 KB) 


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