Reference books and articles

On this page you will find an overview of reference works and articles that can be consulted.

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For guides and partial catalogues documentation on this department or issued by the Ministry in general, and for Belgian or foreign publications of diplomatic documents concerning Belgium, see the following reference works:

  • Van Den Eeckhout, P. and Vanthemsche, G.: Bronnen voor de studie van the hedendaagse België, 19e-2Oe eeuw (Sources for the study of modern-day Belgium, 19th-20th century), Brussels, 1999.
    NB: Neither specific archive catalogues nor thematic files compiled by the Archive Directorate (Diplomatic archive and Africa archive) on the basis of such catalogues are accessible to the public.
  • Van Grieken-Taverniers, M.: La colonisation belge and Afrique centrale, Guide des archives africaines du ministère des Affaires africaines, 1885-1962 (Belgian colonisation and Central Africa, Guide to the African archives of the Ministry of African Affairs, 1885-1962), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brussels, 1981 (plus Supplement, place and date not given).
  • Royal Academy of Belgium, Royal Historical Commission. Documents relatifs au statut international de la Belgique depuis 1830 (Documents concerning Belgium's international status since 1830), by Visscher, C., and Van Langenhove, P.: La politique de sécurité extérieure (Foreign security policy), in five parts, Brussels, 1964-1966.
  • Royal Academy of Belgium. Belgian Royal Academy. Belgian diplomatic documents 1941 - 196O. De l'indépendance à l'interdépendance (From independence to interdependence). The published volumes cover the Belgian government in London 1941-1944, Defence, The Benelux countries, Europe: economic aspects,  Conflicts and crises, Overseas territories, The status of Germany, and Europe: integration policy.