Minister Kitir on a working visit to Palestine from 9 to 13 May

Meryame Kitir, Minister of Development Cooperation and Major Cities Policy, is going on a working visit to Palestine from 9 to 13 May. Her focus is to draw attention to the need for quality protection for Palestinians living under occupation and to bring a perspective on a more promising future for Palestinian youth and women.

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To that purpose, Minister Kitir will launch, during her visit to the occupied Palestinian territory, a new bilateral cooperation programme. "For the first time, we are also investing in the resilience of young people and women in Gaza with a full-fledged programme," Minister Kitir said.

The various projects Minister Kitir is to visit, will give her a precise picture of the day-to-day challenges faced by Palestinians. In the occupied Palestinian territory, a variety of projects are supported by Belgium through its implementing agency Enabel, in cooperation with international partners such as UN agencies UNRWA, UNICEF and OCHA, and with local partners. Minister Kitir: "In Palestine, young people grow up in the middle of an ongoing conflict. That is why support makes all the difference. With our new programme, we are investing in them towards better opportunities to build their future, even in difficult circumstances."

In order to give young people and women a brighter future, Minister Kitir is focusing on education and employment. The labour market in Palestine is very tight. Young people and their dreams are too often the victim of this. Minister Kitir therefore implements, through the Belgian implementing agency Enabel, local projects on education and vocational training so that Palestinian youth and young women can better find their way in the labour market. Minister Kitir: "If young people move forward, Palestine has the prospect of a better future. I know myself how important education and employment are. They empower young people to the fullest, and enable young women to make their own choices."

Palestine has been a partner of the Belgian Development Cooperation since 2001. On 12 May, Minister Kitir will be received at an official meeting by Palestinian Prime Minister Shtayyeh in Ramallah where she will announce the new bilateral cooperation programme.


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