National Orders

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The department has the following tasks: 

  • the administration of the National Orders (in civil matters), specifically the Order of Leopold, the Order of the Crown, and the Order of Leopold II;
  • the management and supervision of the relevant regulations;
  • the submission of proposals to award honorary distinctions.

In specific terms, it manages the database and archives of the National Orders and draws up the certificates. In addition, it lays down regulations regarding the National Orders and amends them where necessary. The department also ensures that the existing regulations are properly applied.

Moreover, it prepares requests for advice from the other FPSs and submits them for signature to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, authorises foreign governments to award foreign decorations  to Belgian citizens and grants permission to wear foreign decorations  in Belgium.

Finally, it is responsible for researching and managing the applications for awarding a distinction to foreign nationals and to Belgians living abroad, and participates in the preparation and implementation of the exchange of distinctions during state visits and princely missions. The department also manages the supply of ornaments.