Legalisation of documents

What exactly is meant by a legalisation? How can it be obtained?

A legalisation allows a Belgian document to be used abroad or a foreign document to be used in Belgium. Please note that legalisation procedures frequently include several steps. 

Discover via this link the concrete steps to be taken. 

Which are the competent authorities?

The Legalisation service of the FPS Foreign Affairs in Brussels legalises documents issued in Belgium. Click here for contact information and opening hours.

For documents issued abroad, you can obtain all relevant information regarding the competent authorities from the Belgian embassies and consulates abroad. Please click here to find their respective websites and contact information.

Electronic legalisation: what is it? How can it be achieved?

Belgium actively seeks to simplify the legalisation procedures, both at Belgian level and with other countries throughout the world. To this end, Belgium concludes treaties, agreements and partnerships, with the aim of turning towards electronic legalisation. For more information on this topic, please click here.

In case a document was issued by one of our accredited partners (such as the municipalities and notaries - several Federal Public Services and other authorities will soon be accredited as well), your request can be treated directly via our online platform. Hence it is no longer necessary to submit your request in person at our offices. Click here for more information.

For all other documents (which are not issued by a municipality or a notary), you can either report in person with the original document to our offices or mandate any person to do so. Click here for more information.  

In one specific case it is possible to send us your request by post on an exceptional basis, namely if you are residing abroad and you are unable to mandate another person to come to our offices. First send an email to; we will confirm by return email whether a request by post is possible or not and if so, point out the steps to be followed.

Irrespective of the type of procedure followed, the legalisation or apostille costs amount to 20 euros.