Special Evaluation Office

The Special Evaluation Office of the Belgian Development Cooperation (SEO) is responsible for the evaluation of the Belgian Development Cooperation. The office plans and carries out the evaluations in cooperation with the Belgian development actors and the partner countries.

The SEO is an external evaluation office under the administrative authority of the President of the Management Committee of the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. This status guarantees its independence in the choice, implementation and dissemination of its evaluations.

Every year, the SEO publishes a report containing the results of the evaluations. It sends this annual report to the Minister of Development Cooperation, who can comment on it. The annual report is then discussed in the federal Parliament. The Special Evaluator presents the results and recommendations of the evaluations at a session of the Committee on External Relations.

Evaluation helps to account for the use of public funds, to draw lessons to improve Belgian Development Cooperation, and to support decision-making.

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